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20th Sep


Re: Fall ParkFest 2015

On Saturday, Sept. 19th, some Riverlot 56 board members attended ParkFest 2015 at Kingswood Park with a display ‘booth’ and lots of nature games and activities aimed at the younger generations. Despite a rather low turnout of people, those that came by our location tended to either have fun and/or learned a bit about what Riverlot 56 has to offer.

Mary and Georges Binette ‘manned’ the display tent where photos and maps gave a good idea of the variety of trails and habitats that exist in the natural area. They fielded questions on the re-naturalization project, volunteering with Riverlot 56, the access points and parking locations and whatever else was of interest to passers-by.

The involvement activities designed for young people were again a success. We now have five different challenges to not only test the skills of young people but hopefully help to educate. The games include the simple bean bag toss challenge (two versions); the mystery animal specimens table and the rope hike to try and identify 32 forms of wildlife common to Alberta. These three activiites have been used at previous events.

Added for ParkFest were two new challenges. One was called “The Bird Migration Game” and involved tossing mini-frisbee-like disks to simulate the travels of birds from the St. Albert area (including Riverlot 56) to places as far away as Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela. The challenge was to land the disks (birds) close to the habitats that would support the birds so they could migrate back in the spring to nest and reproduce. The second new challenge was to “Identify Tiny Creatures” (insects, etc.) that exist in Riverlot 56. Mary Stoker assisted a number of children in their efforts to master the various activities.

Board member Dan Stoker conducted a couple of guided walks into Riverlot 56 with the prime focus to talk about the importance of the natural environment to wildlife. An effort was made to locate where a beaver is living in the bank of the Sturgeon River. A huge amount of evidence was found including the lodge, the transportation runways for hauling branches to the river and the numerous stumps left by this miniature lumberjack. The hikers that joined in on the walk seemed to enjoy it.

All in all, the weather was great. The hot dogs provided by Save-On were super. The displays and activities were made-to-order. Hopefully, if the event is repeated, more people will take advantage of the free offerings and come out and enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at this year’s ParkFest!

A few photos from our “booth”:













Photos of the other booths and activities are posted on the St. Albert Recreation Facebook page.