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25th Apr


Presentation to Leadership Students at W.D. Cuts School, St. Albert

On April 24th, W.D. Cuts’ junior high leadership class got some insights into their upcoming involvement in planting trees at Riverlot 56.
With less than a month away from a planned school field trip to Riverlot 56, Dan Stoker visited the St. Albert junior high school in Lacombe Park to introduce the ‘leadership class’ students to our re-naturalization efforts past and present.
Using a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the work involved and the attributes of the natural area, Dan spent about 50 minutes going over the conservation activities and objectives, the animal species that benefit and even the support provided by the Walmart-Evergreen Green Grants program and the Alberta Conservation Association.
Eventually it boiled down to the basics of what the students had to bring on the field trip and how to plant sapling spruce trees properly, the actual work.

At the W.D. Cuts Leadership class, Stoker explaining the seven steps.

At the W.D. Cuts Leadership class, Stoker explaining the seven steps.

Dan described a seven step planting process using the words ‘hole’, ‘water’, ‘soil’, ‘plant’, ‘soil’, ‘water’, ‘chips’ to outline what they would be doing. The focus will not be on speed but on doing the plantings with care and attention to detail to help ensure the best possible success rates.
The goal is for each student to carefully plant, minimally, three trees, which if accomplished by 35 students (and a few staff along to assist) would be over 110 trees. Two of the 10 planting ‘islands’ could be finished on the very first planting day. But, the student work teams could do twice that, easily, which would be a major contribution to this initial planting. With a quick turn-around bus connection back to school required, the time on site will be very limited so it is hoped these future leaders work efficiently.
The willingness of W.D. Cuts to help in the re-naturalization carries forward the great involvement of some local high school students from St. Albert in 2014. Youth involvement in the re-naturalization is key to its success. We look forward to a great kick-off to a weekend of planting that follows on May 23rd and 24th open to one and all willing to help.