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29th May


Generous Grants Support Riverlot 56 Re-naturalization Project

Efforts to re-naturalize agriculturally disturbed open fields in Riverlot 56 are being financially supported by generous grants from the Alberta Conservation Association and Walmart-Evergreen.
ACA Conservation, Community and Education Grant: $12,500
The ACA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to conserve, protect and enhance fish and wildlife populations and their habitats. The grant fund supports conservation activities by individuals, organizations and communities that contribute to fish and wildlife population health and the health of their environments, and to the understanding, appreciation and use of those environments.
Walmart-Evergreen Green Grant: $10,000
Supported by Walmart Canada and led by Evergreen, a national environmental organization, the Green Grants program is designed to support community based initiatives to create greener, healthier communities. The executive director of Evergreen, Geoff Cape, states: “Sustainable urban greening happens when deeply committed community groups across Canada take action to naturalize urban spaces. Evergreen is pleased to be able to direct funding and support to where it can make the most effective change.”
These grants are being used to proceed with Stage Two of our re-naturalization project. The 2015 plan focuses on the second of four selected areas, presently an open hay field that is inundated with noxious weeds. The intent is to re-naturalize the open field with trees and bushes indigenous to the community and in so doing, confront the weed problem through successional shading. Our long term goal is to reintroduce, support and sustain the natural and native wild plants and animals that historically dominated the landscape of Riverlot 56.